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Our services are tailored to suit each individual customers requirements, which broadly speaking fall into one of the following categories.

Offshore Fund Formation and Licensing Services

ifina specialises in providing a fully comprehensive fund formation and licensing service for a competitive 'all inclusive' fee, comprising fund incorporation, drafting of offering documents and management agreements, the preparation and submission of the fund licence application, legal review of the offering document, establishment of bank and broker accounts, appointment of auditors and legal advisors.

  • Expert advice on fund & structure
  • Drafting of memorandum & articles of association
  • Preparation & drafting of offering memorandum
  • Legal review of offering memorandum
  • Application for mutual fund licence
  • Drafting of management & advisor agreements
  • Establishment of bank & broker accounts
  • Appointment of registrar & transfer agent
  • Appointment of auditors
  • Appointment of directors

Fund Administration & Valuation Services

ifina provides the ongoing administration and valuation services, including registrar and transfer agency services and the timely preparation of the net asset valuations. A key feature of the valuation service is that 'indicative' daily net asset valuations are calculated for all of ifina's client funds.Employing a broad pool of experienced accounting personnel and the utilisation of proprietary software enables ifina to provide net asset valuations in a timely manner.Net asset valuations for all client funds are calculated by the Group in the UK, which has important time zone advantages.

  • Preparation of periodic official net asset valuations
  • Fund registrar & transfer agency services
  • Communication with shareholders
  • Full financial & regulatory reporting
  • Unique software driven indicative daily valuations
  • Full back-office settlement service

The Primary Development Fund

Our Primary Development Fund enables managers with very low assets under management to establish a fund without many of the costs associated with a standalone fund. Assets of $1- $10 million would be ideal for this product although by no means capped at this level. ifina is able to offer this service from several jurisdictions depending on the needs of the investment manager/sponsor. The product will provide managers with administration, auditing, director and legal services as part of a complete package competitively priced.

  • Aimed at managers with very low assets under management.
  • Multi jurisdictional depending on the needs of the investment manager.
  • Low cost by avoiding the higher fees of traditional standalone funds.
  • Ideally suited for fund assets of between $1 -$10 million, but by no means caped.
  • Fast, simple, turn-key solution from ifina, a trusted provider.

Trust Services

Trust Services - in January 2012 we announced a new joint marketing initiative with IQE Limited , who are one of the leading providers of International Fiduciary Services providing a wide portfolio of Trust Services.

David Karran, MD of IQE Limited commented, 'As we look to build out and expand our global proposition whilst continuing to service our client needs, we see an opportunity to work with Ifina, who are established world wide.
As a licensed Trust Service Provider IQE offers specialist trust services to a wide range of clients. Trusts can be used for asset protection, investment holding, property holding, succession and inheritance planning by both individuals and corporate entities. Charitable Trusts can also be established for the sole benefit of charitable organisations offering trustees discretion over income and capital payments.

German Tax Services

Tax Services Offshore investment funds which have German based investors require special tax reporting to satisfy the German Investment Tax Act. German based investors will require an audited tax report for the fund, which confirms that the fund complies with German Investment Tax law and is tax transparent. Ifina can provide this ‘audited tax report service’ to the fund for a fixed annual fee of €uro 11,000. Such fees are accrued monthly.

Additional Services

  • Stock Exchange Listing for client funds
  • ISIN, Bloomberg, Reuters & Telekurs security ID applications
  • Full treasury services Individual & Corporate directorships
  • Offshore Private Company Incorporations
  • Offshore Banking
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