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Event Presentations

We are pleased that a number of the scripts and introductory presentations will be available from the speakers after the event. Should you wish to view them, simply refer back to this page after the event choose the appropriate icon and click to download.

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Our leading industry speakers include
Derek Adler
Derek Adler

“ Introduction”
Derek Adler
Sherri Ortiz

Chief Operating Officer
International Finance Centre, British Virgin Islands
“New Era for Finance Services”
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker

Chief Executive Officer AIMA
"Europe's Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive"
Matthäus Jan Den Otter
Matthäus Jan Den Otter



"AIFM-Directive - The Swiss Perspective"


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Other Events

UCITS IV and Hedge Fund Strategy UCITS

Wednesday 9th June 2010, London

Designed for fund producers & presented by fund producers, this conference provides you with the case-study information you need to progress your UCITS strategy.

As a hedge fund manager is UCITS right for your business and its position in the market.

Onshore vs Offshore – how do the latest developments affect this debate.


InvestHedge Forum 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Held in London every autumn, the InvestHedge Forum is a unique 2-day conference and networking event which attracts both hedge fund managers and investors from around the globe. The event, which is held in association with EuroHedge, focuses on how investors are driving the hedge fund industry and the wider asset management world. By tackling a wide spread of investor-related topics, this event meets the industry's demand for information on how different types of investors are investing in and buying hedge funds.

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