a multi-jurisdictional group of companies, providing investment fund formation, administration & valuation services.
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Sherri Ortiz Video taken at the ifina BVI House Event.


Matthaus Den Otter Video taken at the ifina BVI House Event.


Andrew Baker Video taken at the ifina BVI House Event.


Sam Bratchie Explains how ifina was formed.


Sam Bratchie Talks about the ifina business model.


Sam Bratchie Expands on the difficulties within the industry currently.


Sam Bratchie Lists the locations of the existing customer base.


Derek Adler Talks about the multi-jurisdictional nature of their customer base.


Sam Bratchie Explains why a strong turn key solutions has helped their rapid growth.


Derek Adler Provides some background information on the recent activity around their industry seminars.


Derek Adler Expresses some brief facts surrounding ifina.


Derek Adler Highlights the current ifina office locations.


Derek Adler Outlines the unique business model that ifina adopted.


Video taken from Zurich and Frankfurt seminars

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