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December 14th 2010

BVI Nov 2010

Derek Adler

Just returned from a fascinating trip to The Caymans and The BVI. It was more interesting than usual, hearing the points of view from the regulators and governments in both jurisdictions. There has been enormous concern expressed about the recent changes by different countries as to whether the Caribbean was fit for purpose and this has been taken very seriously by both The Caymans and The BVI. We at ifina have not noticed any reluctance on the part of Fund Managers to establish Funds in either jurisdiction and I am pleased to say that in both cases there is a desire to develop the Fund industry even further without sacrificing any of the existing solid regulation already in place. It would appear that not only has there been a continuation of the exemplary regulation in existance but tightening where appropriate. If only the "Onshore" regulators were as far sighted and diligent, we might even avoid repetition of some of the recent catasrophes in the future. The photograph was taken at the Roundtable discussion on regulated Funds, organized by the IFC in The BVI.

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