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February 25th 2011

BVI Hedge Fund Services 2011

Derek Adler

Despite the downturn in the international fund industry stemming from the recent financial crisis, all the indications are that the British Virgin Islands have weathered the storm as well as if not better than its main competitor jurisdictions. In addition, the BVI has benefited from its diversified business model and a range of other successful financial activities including company incorporation and captive insurance.

The BVI is the world’s second-ranking offshore fund domicile, but members of the industry do not see the islands’ goal as chasing rival jurisdictions or numerical targets. Instead it is to build on the capabilities and expertise that have brought it business from fund promoters throughout the world by improving even further the quality of service offered in the BVI and the range and flexibility of available products.

An area in which the BVI could take a leaf out of Cayman’s book is by offering an exempt manager product, which would offer new fund management firms the opportunity to be regulated at an affordable cost during the tricky early days when they are getting their business up and running.

Hedgeweek have just released their Special Report on BVI Hedge Fund Services, where they've contacted a number of people within the industry including myself to comment and debate the subject. You can read the full article by clicking here.

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