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February 26th 2014

ifina, providing a helping hand.

Derek Adler

Derek Adler talked to HFMWEEK about what ifina can do for emerging managers in Malta.

Starting up a hedge fund can be a daunting experience for the emerging manager, with various rules and regulations interfering with the path to success. However, help is at hand in the form of a new service ‘The Primary European Fund’ from ifina.

The days of carefree fund management are definitely over! In the past it was relatively straightforward to establish a fund without too much difficulty. Today, however, the emerging manager has several obstacles to overcome: the question of regulation of the manager, all of the participants, background information on the investors, not to mention the rules and regulations now imposed in all recognised jurisdictions. It is no surprise, therefore, that all of this has made investment managers think twice before considering establishing a fund.

The off shore centre “bashing” is uncalled for and unnecessary since most regulators have tightened up and in fact the off shore jurisdictions have been better regulated inmany cases. If Europe, with some of its draconian regulations, is now included in the equation, then the requirements are even tougher should the manager wish to marketacross Europe. If this was not enough to deter anyone wishing to establish a regulated licensed fund, then consider the plight of the emerging manager.

It’s an HFMweek interview that reflects on the current mood within the financial sector focussing on the plight of the emerging manager. You can read the full article here in PDF format.

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