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May 14th 2014

Article 19 – Have we not learnt our lessons?

Derek Adler

Derek Adler recently wrote an article that appeared on HedgeWeek’s website where he expressed his views and feelings relating to Article 19.

For the record, Derek begins by clearly stating that he’s absolutely in favour and welcomes good regulation, but opposed to regulation just for the sake of it.

Derek adds, “It is quite clear that, post the recent scams, fraudulent activities and financial irregularities, the politicians and the commission in their infinite wisdom have decided to “shoot from the hip” and bring in a raft of regulations – some good but some of which will horrify anyone who has been in the financial world for any length of time. If this situation wasn’t so serious it would be funny!”

He also states that he’s writing this article with the hope that someone can explain to him why allowing an investment manager the opportunity to be responsible for pricing and valuation purposes, is a good idea? So the challenge has been made and I’m sure Derek would welcome your comments.

You can read the article in full on the HedgeWeek’s website here or here as a PDF file format.

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