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BVI Hedge Fund Services 2011

Despite the downturn in the international fund industry stemming from the recent financial crisis, all the indications are that the British Virgin Islands have weathered the storm as well as if not better than its main competitor jurisdictions. In addition, the BVI has benefited from its diversified business model and a range of other successful financial activities including company incorporation and captive insurance.

The BVI is the world’s second-ranking offshore fund domicile, but members of the industry do not see the islands’ goal as chasing rival jurisdictions or numerical targets. Instead it is to build on the capabilities and ...


How to start a Hedge Fund in the US 2011

The hedge fund sector evolves quickly. Fortunately so do its service providers. Since 2008’s market meltdown, increasingly high calibre teams of administrators, lawyers, prime brokers and auditors have emerged to solve the day-to-day demands of managers, investors and regulators. The successful launch of a new fund, whether it is domestic or offshore, or indeed both, is dependent on selecting the appropriate structure and complying with ever-changing federal and state regulations. A manager will need more layers of support if a launch, or running an existing business, is to be successful.

The sector’s service providers consistently excel at this ...


BVI Nov 2010

Just returned from a fascinating trip to The Caymans and The BVI. It was more interesting than usual, hearing the points of view from the regulators and governments in both jurisdictions. There has been enormous concern expressed about the recent changes by different countries as to whether the Caribbean was fit for purpose and this has been taken very seriously by both The Caymans and The BVI. We at ifina have not noticed any reluctance on the part of Fund Managers to establish Funds in either jurisdiction and I am pleased to say that in both cases there is a ...

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