How can Ifina provide a complete fund set-up for less than USD 10,000?

I can understand why you might think that this is too good to be true.

In this email, I’d like to explain how we can provide a ‘bespoke’ investment fund at an incredibly competitive rate.

Unlike other fund administrators, we don’t charge clients for ‘re-inventing the wheel’ each time we set-up a sub-fund on our Cayman Fund Platform.

Firstly, our Cayman Fund Platform is already established and has been since 2011.

As the corporate fund structure is already in place, creating a new legally segregated sub-fund is a matter of adding another ‘cell’ to the fund platform structure.

For instance, the offering prospectus we use for each new client sub-fund has been drafted by our Cayman law firm. It already contains the necessary regulatory and risk disclosures and provisions.

The same is true for all of our fund service provider agreements. We amend these to reflect the terms and conditions associated with the new client sub-fund.

Our existing relationships with financial institutions also allows us to be competitive with our fund platform setup cost.

We work with all major banks and brokers – and our team is familiar with the various account opening procedures and compliance requirements.

Although competitively priced, the service we provide is tailored to meet an individual client’s requirements.

We actually help our clients find banks, brokers and auditors.

We project manage the whole fund set-up from start to finish for a unique price of USD 9,750:

– Offering prospectus;
– Service provider agreements;
– Unique ISIN code;
– Fund bank account;
– Establishment of your choice of broker account;
– Bloomberg ticker;
– FATCA registration;
– Fund directors;
– Fund administrator;
– Fund auditor.

Do you need help setting up your investment fund? Email and we can arrange a call. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.


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