In the world of fund administration, we come across talented financial traders pretty much every day.

These traders have mastered their craft. They have a deep understanding of the asset class they trade, along with the fundamentals that drive the market.

If you’re reading this email, it’s likely you’re a talented trader too. So you’ll know the commitment it takes to become a consistently profitable trader.

That’s why I want to share three common frustrations we see in talented traders who want to take their career to the next level. By reading on, you might identify with some of these frustrations. You can also follow our advice on how to solve them.

Trading Other People’s Money

Most gifted traders reach a point where they want to trade other people’s money as a professional.

The reasons for doing this are simple – traders can generate more profit by trading other people’s money.

However, many traders struggle with how best to do this. Some consider the ‘Managed Account’ route, which has its merits for traders with one or two clients.

However, problems emerge with Managed Accounts when traders start to manage multiple client funds. Why? Well, the trader needs to trade through individual broker accounts for each of their respective clients.

Solution: A better alternative is an investment fund, which traders own and can manage from one place. An investment fund essentially pools investor capital in one place, making it far easier for traders to manage multiple clients.

Regulatory Minefields

Some traders who consider setting up their own investment fund can be put off by regulatory requirements.

It’s understandable. Setting up an investment fund is a complex and admin heavy process.

Solution: Here’s the good news. As a fund administrator, IFINA ensures a trader’s investment fund meets all the necessary regulation. We also take care of the fund’s administrative tasks and establish fund accounts with brokers and banks.

Attracting Investors

Many traders are unsure of how they can attract serious investors to their fund. It’s an incredibly noisy world out there – and if your message isn’t on point – it can be difficult to get noticed.

Solution: IFINA can help traders that need assistance marketing their investment fund. We can provide practical advice on utilising a variety of traditional and digital marketing methods.

What frustrates you as a talented trader? Feel free to email me – perhaps we can help.


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