Part of my inspiration to run IFINA stems from my dislike of ‘traditional’ fund administrators and how they treat the fledgling fund manager.

There’s a simple reason for this dislike. The bigger fund administration firms simply aren’t accessible to start-up traders. In particular, there are two things traditional administrators do which I find irritating:

1. They charge extortionate fees
2. They often reject to work with start-up traders all together

I don’t understand this thinking. There’s a myriad of unbelievable professional traders that long to run their own investment fund.

In my experience, these individuals are engaging to work with – and they usually have a deep understanding of emerging asset classes, e.g. cryptocurrencies.

But these start-up traders all have one thing in common: they don’t get excited about fund administration.

And why should they? Their passion involves analysing the markets and placing profitable trades. Fund administration (while absolutely necessary) is time-consuming and complex to the inexperienced.

Hopefully, you can see why I’m excited about the gap IFINA fills in the fund administration space.

In terms of fund administration, we take care of everything for start-up traders. What’s more, we can offer an ‘all-inclusive’ investment fund solution for as little as $10,000 USD on our Cayman Platform.

There’s simply no other fund administrator that does this.

If you want to create your own investment fund, I encourage you to get in touch with me. Just email me and we can arrange a Skype call at a convenient time for you. If you want to move ahead after our call, I can send you a proposal for your consideration.


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