We’ve worked with hundreds of investment fund managers over the years. The other day it got me thinking – what do these investment managers have common?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Every investment fund manager has their own personality. But the more I pondered on this question, the more I realised that the best managers do share some common traits.

The purpose of this blog post is to share those traits with you. My hope is that you might have some of these traits too.

Let’s get into it.


Firstly, the best investment fund managers have mastered their own trading strategy. They also have a deep knowledge of drives the price of their preferred asset class. This combination means that they can deliver incredible returns to their investment fund clients.


Unsurprisingly, running an investment fund requires discipline. It’s vital that investment managers ensure they skew their focus to their most important task: trading the financial markets. It’s extremely easy for inexperienced investment fund managers to become distracted by administrative tasks while becoming established.


Humility is an overlooked trait in successful people. This is especially true for investment fund managers. The best managers are smart enough to admit what they don’t know. This where utilising the expertise of a fund administrator is important. Fund administrators can help fill an investment manager’s knowledge gaps.


Delegation is a difficult skill for many inexperienced investment fund managers. However, in my experience, the managers who place trust in their fund administrators and business partners develop stronger professional relationship. This serves those managers well in times of stress.


Finally, the most effective investment fund managers have a natural ability to communicate clearly – both with their fund administrator and clients. Clearly, this is a critical skill because of the volume of capital that a fund manager is responsible for.

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