It amazes me how many start-up investment fund managers don’t really know what a fund administrator does on a day-to-day basis.

During a typical week, I’ll regularly need to explain what a fund administrator does on a daily basis. It’s a totally valid question – and one every investment fund manager should ask if they’re unsure. It got me thinking. Perhaps you’re unsure of what we actually do as a fund administrator. It’s why I’d like to share our core services with you in this blog post.

Firstly, let’s try to clarify what we do in a nutshell. It’s actually pretty simple. We ensure your investment fund complies with the necessary regulations.

To do this, we offer fund solutions in the Cayman Islands, Malta, the British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar. Each of these solutions have been designed for start-up investment managers. What’s more, we can provide an ‘all-inclusive’ fund solution for less than USD $10,000, covering all major asset classes.

We’ve also made a short explainer video to make our role clear. You can watch it here.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our core services. They can be pretty much split into five categories:

Regulatory ‘Hosting’ Services
Should you require ‘regulated status’ to manage investments we can refer you to ‘regulatory hosting’ service providers.

Fund Accounting
We can prepare comprehensive accounting records for your investment fund.

Registrar & Transfer Agency
We can act as your investment fund’s registrar and transfer agency.

Banking & Treasury
We can assist your investment fund in setting up effective cash management processes.

Bespoke Administration Services
We can take care of your investment fund’s ongoing administration tasks.

These services are critical in maintaining a successful investment fund. Essentially, they free up an investment fund manager’s time, so that they can focus on generating a return on investment for their clients.

Are you setting up your own investment fund – maybe we should talk? Just email me and I’d be happy to arrange a call with you.


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