One thing I love about being a fund administrator is the creativity we see from our investments fund managers.

It’s truly fascinating to see their unique investment strategies across a range of instruments.

The area where we’re seeing the most creativity is in cryptocurrencies. Investors are going beyond simply buying and holding digital coins. We’re seeing funds back enterprises that leverage the Blockchain technology used by cryptocurrencies.

In this blog, I want to share three intriguing growth areas in the crypto space.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Considering the popularity of cryptocurrencies, there’s now a significant demand for cryptocurrency exchanges. These are platforms where people can trade cryptocurrencies, or buy or sell cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency Borrowing/Lending

We’re starting to see some interesting innovation in the crypto borrowing and lending.

There are already a few companies that are willing to lend fiat currency against cryptocurrency assets. The income potential here holds much potential – as lenders can make investments with the cryptocurrency assets provided by the borrower, and profit from the interest being paid back by the borrower.

Secure Wallet Service

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often the target of hackers who want to compromise security. That’s why many traders move their cryptocurrencies out of the exchange’s wallet – into a secure one of their own. This need could spark a flurry of independent secure wallet services.

Essentially, these businesses would be responsible for securely storing their clients’ cryptocurrencies in return for a fee.

More Ideas?

These are just three ideas that have caught my attention recently. What ideas have you heard of? I’d be interested to know – so please do send me an email if there’s something you’d like to share.

Are you wanting to move into the cryptocurrency space with your investment fund? We should talk – feel free to email me and we can catch up on Skype.

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