Do you want to establish your own investment fund in 2019? If you do, you might be daunted about the task at hand.

You might also be sceptical. It’s understandable.

For instance, when we tell prospective fund managers that we can provide an all-inclusive fund solution for less than USD $10,000, many say ‘this sounds too good to be true’.

But this genuinely isn’t the case – so I want to try and put your mind at ease.

Specifically, the purpose of this blog: to answer the common (and legitimate) questions we receive from prospective fund managers.

1. What does IFINA actually do?

It’s pretty simple. We help you create an investment fund structure.

By definition, we help to ensure your investment fund complies with the necessary regulations in your chosen jurisdiction. We offer fund solutions in the Cayman Islands, Malta, the British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar.

We administer across a full spectrum of asset classes too. This includes equities, fixed income, derivatives, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, real estate, private equity and venture capital.

2. Is IFINA regulated?

IFINA is registered in the United Kingdom with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for anti-money laundering purposes and is a regulated fund administrator in the British Virgin Islands.

3. Where is IFINA based?

IFINA’s principal office is located in the UK, where our specialist team handles fund formations, registrar and transfer agency services, along with treasury and banking functions for client funds. We also have offices in the British Virgin Islands and Singapore.

4. How much does it cost to start an investment fund?

IFINA can provide an ‘all-inclusive’ fund solution for less than USD $10,000. Specifically, we offer two fund solutions:

Cayman Fund Platform: USD $9,750
Malta Fund Platform: EUR €25,000

5. How Do I Move Forward?

If you’re ready to create your own investment fund we should talk. Just email me and we can book a no-obligation Skype call.

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