Have You Seen Our New Crypto Fund Platform?

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Last week I told you that IFINA is in the process of creating its very own Crypto Fund Platform. 

What’s more, I mentioned that we are offering a substantial discount to the first five clients who sign-up (the discounted cost is $9,750 USD).

We’ve already had a flurry of enquiries. 

In case you missed my original blog post, you should take a closer look at our Crypto Fund Platform. Just watch this video above, or read the transcript below.

Do you have an ambition to launch your own Cryptocurrency Investment Fund?

If you do – you’ll know the barriers to entry are substantial and expensive.

But that’s about to change.

The IFINA team are in the process of launching a new Crypto Fund Platform, which gives managers a low cost all-inclusive crypto fund solution.

The way it works is simple.

Start-up crypto fund managers – just like you – can create a legally segregated sub-fund on the “IFINA Crypto SPC” platform.

Each sub-fund is its own legal entity with its own name, offering prospectus, ISIN and Bloomberg codes, bank and broker or exchange accounts.

What’s more – it costs just $12,000 USD.

But here’s the thing. We are offering a substantial discount to the first five clients who sign-up.

The discounted cost is $9,750 USD.

Want to claim this Crypto Fund Platform discount? We should have a Skype call. Just email me back and we can book a time that’s convenient to you.