Over the past week, there have been multiple news headlines about cryptocurrency regulation.

For instance, there have been reports that a government panel in India has recommended an all out ban on cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Germany has deemed it necessary for all cryptocurrency businesses to hold BaFin license from next year.

So where are we with cryptocurrency regulation – and should fund managers and investors worry?

In my view, we’re still in the extremely early stages of crypto regulation. The truth is that many governments and regulatory bodies are still struggling to agree and co-ordinate the best means of regulating cryptocurrencies.

However, this could change soon. Facebook recently announced plans to launch its own cryptocurrency called Libra. Such a move could force cooperation between different countries and economic blocs.

There’s an additional point I’d like to highlight here.

Increased regulation (especially in the world’s leading economies) is actually a sign that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. However, once that regulation takes hold, we can expect the price volatility of regulated cryptocurrencies to be much less extreme than what we’ve seen in recent years.

It’s why many investment fund managers are keen to enter the crypto space as soon as possible.

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