Three Website Features That Can Attract Investors

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Over the years, we’ve worked with many investment funds. Most of these funds had a basic website – but some were more effective at attracting investors than others.

This week, I want to share a video that explores three website features that you should consider including on your own website. Doing so may increase the chance of establishing relationships with prospective investors.

Just click the video player above to watch it, or read the transcript below.


This week, we want to explore three website features that can help attract prospective investors.

First, you should consider installing an instant chat box on your website. This will give you, or a member of your team, the ability to interact with live visitors on your website and answer their questions in real-time.

Second, ensure you have a verified fund performance page that displays information clearly. It’s important that prospective investors can look at the potential return on investment, should they choose to invest in your fund.

Third, use dynamic contact forms. These forms should be customised to include document upload functionality, plus basic contact fields. Ideally, these should be placed at the bottom of every page on your website.

There you have it – three useful website features to attract new investors. If you want to create your own investment fund, just get in touch and a member of the IFINA team will get back to you.


Do you want to create your own investment fund? If you do, we should have a Skype call. Just email me back and we can book a time that’s convenient to you.