If you’re interested in creating your own investment fund, you might have researched traditional fund administrators (and some of their traditional pitfalls). It’s why I’d like to share a video entitled “5 Fund Administration Myths” – I think you’ll find it useful.

Just click the video player to watch the video, or read the transcript below.

This week, we want to dispel five fund administration myths that could be holding you back.

The first myth is that fund setup fees are expensive. While many traditional fund administrators and law firms charge extortionate fees, with IFINA, you can setup your own investment fund for less than $10,000 USD.

The second myth is that a fund setup process typically lasts between three to four months. In fact, the majority of funds we help establish are setup within six to eight weeks, which is a pretty quick turnaround.

The third myth pertains to billable extras. Traditional administrators tend to charge introductory fees to banks and brokers. But here at IFINA, we include this service as part of the setup fee.

The fourth myth is that managed accounts are easier to manage than investment funds. While this could be true with one or two managed accounts, this structure becomes very difficult to scale with higher numbers. With an investment fund, you trade everything from one place.

The final myth is that fund administration takes too much time away from fund managers. The whole reason we exist is to make life easy when it comes to regulation and compliance. That way fund managers can focus on what’s important – namely trading their fund.

Remember – if you want to create your own investment fund, IFINA can help. Just get and touch and a member of the team will get back to you.


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