Last week, the Supreme Court of India overturned a ruling that banned cryptocurrency trading. It’s a meaningful decision, as it’s set to unleash a wave of new innovation and entrepreneurship from the region.

In particular, we’re hopeful that the decision will spark growth in new fund creations. In fact, we’ve already received a fund enquiry because of the ruling.

Why Was The Decision Overturned?

The trading ban on cryptocurrencies was deemed unconstitutional. But I think there’s more to this – cryptocurrencies have untapped potential for wealth creation. The crypto space is just too good an opportunity to miss. 

The Solution For Indian Fund Startups

If you live in India and are interested in creating an investment fund that focuses on cryptocurrencies, this is a moment of opportunity.

As such, we anticipate that many investment fund managers from India will need a dedicated crypto fund solution. This is where our very own Crypto Fund Platform can help. The setup cost is just $12,000 USD – it’s perfect for start-up fund managers.

If you’re interested in creating your own crypto fund, you should get in touch.We can have the fund setup process complete in as little as six weeks.

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