David Or Goliath? Why Agility Matters

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Large fund administrators would have you believe they can offer an unrivalled service. But in times where you need control costs and have reliable partners, it’s useful to consider the limitations of the big players.

Agility Matters

One limitation of large administrators is the complexity of their operations. Ultimately, this means they’re less agile to changing circumstances, which can affect the quality of service they provide to their clients.

Recent events are a perfect example of the importance of being agile. Here at IFINA, we’ve been able to transition our entire team to remote working extremely quickly for the benefit of our clients. Clearly, this is more difficult for large administrators.

Setup Costs

Large administrators also charge bloated setup fees. We take a different approach at IFINA with two affordable platform solutions. These are perfect for first-time fund managers – or fund managers who are looking to switch to a better administrator.

Track Records Are Everything

But don’t just take my word for the above. Take a look at some of our client testimonials:

“My long term experience of over 16 years with IFINA has been excellent. The staff are friendly, extremely helpful and always available. NAV’s are provided daily and I would argue that their offering is a world class service. Many of the larger administrators don’t even provide weekly NAV’s and have high staff turnover. I would not hesitate in recommending IFINA as a reliable and trusted fund Administrator. They are a wonderful long term partner to have as a fund administrator.”

James Henry


Tel: + 27 82 853 6345

Web: www.dcf.co.za


“In almost a decade of business relationship with IFINA, I have always experienced a high level of professionalism, consistency, reliability and efficiency. Not only has IFINA always kept the quality of service high, but has also shown entrepreneurial spirit by providing necessary flexibility where needed. IFINA is definitely the best fund administration company I have worked with in my career.”

Adrian Marcu

Resilience AG

Seestrasse 11

CH-8703 Erlenbach

Tel: + 41 (0) 43 544 8877

Web: www.resilience.ag


“We consider IFINA to be an outstanding fund administrator. They’ve provided first-class fund formation and valuation services to Finanz Konzept since 2011. The whole team provides a bespoke and hands-on service, which is integral to our operations. We would recommend them without hesitation.”

Lars Oberle, CEO

Finanz Konzept AG

Schulhausstrasse 42

8002 Zurich, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0) 44 204 34 64

Web: www.finanz-konzept.ch

Are you ready to set up your own fund or switch administrator? Just email me and we can arrange a free Skype consultation.