Why You Should Drink With Good Company

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Earlier this week, a client of ours – Ecstatus Capital – was interviewed by City A.M. They were asked to give their thoughts on Koine, which offers segregated custody of digital assets for institutional clients.

In other words, Koine offers a platform where funds can securely store digital assets, such as Bitcoin.

The management of Ecstatus Capital and Koine also discussed the robustness of Bitcoin – and whether it can function within global regulatory frameworks. It’s a fascinating read, which to me emphasises the incredible potential of cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

You can read the piece – which also happens to mention IFINA – by clicking here.

I wanted to share this news with you because I believe it highlights an integral point that can lead to success in this industry. Namely, it’s the company you keep. 

Many of our clients are innovators – and they also utilise a network of forward-thinking firms to help them achieve their goals. Ecstatus Capital is an excellent example of this. This is what continues to drive the team at IFINA to innovate too.

One such innovation is our dedicated Crypto Fund Platform, which has a setup fee of just $12,000 USD. As part of this platform, IFINA acts as the fund administrator responsible for calculating the fund’s net asset valuation, onboarding investors, conducting AML and compliance and maintaining the investor share register.

It’s a strong proposition for investment fund managers that need a solution entirely dedicated to cryptocurrencies. If it’s of interest to you, just get in touch using the details below.

Do you want to create your own investment fund? Just email me and we can arrange a free Skype consultation.