I recently watched The Big Short. It’s a brilliant film about three hedge funds that anticipate the collapse of the US housing market. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching it.

One fund in particular caught my attention: Brownfield Fund (I believe its real name is Cornwall Capital).

The two guys who ran the fund were just starting their careers. Instead of working in the financial hubs of New York, they managed their fund from a garage.

They didn’t have fancy offices. They didn’t work in a suit and tie. They didn’t have connections at major financial institutions.  

But they understood the markets better than most. Ultimately, that’s what made the fund successful. 

This is a point I want you to understand. 

Appearances can deceive in this industry. Just because a fund operates from an expensive office in the City doesn’t automatically mean it’s successful. In fact, many of the best fund managers I know work from professional setups at home. 

I guess this week’s message is simple: don’t view setting up an investment fund as something that is out of your reach. If you can trade consistently well, it’s a goal that is very much attainable.

IFINA can help you set up your fund. Specifically, we offer two dedicated low-cost setup solutions:

  • Cayman Fund Platform (Traditional Assets): $9,750 USD
  • Crypto Fund Platform (Cryptocurrencies): $12,000 USD

Are you interested in these platform solutions? If you are, just email me back and we can arrange a free Skype consultation.

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