I have a simple message for you this week.

As a prospective investment fund manager, your time is incredibly valuable. In fact, it’s probably one of the most valuable in the financial services sector.


You can’t afford to take your eyes off active positions. Heck, I know traders who have made $7K+ USD per hour from a single trade.

It’s why you can’t afford to be distracted by other tasks.

Unfortunately, daily administration is part of running an investment fund. Fund managers that use traditional Fund Administrator firms often get bogged down in these tasks.

That’s why we offer our clients the following services, inclusive of fees:

  • Maintenance of fund and client bank accounts
  • Preparation of fund wire transfer instructions
  • Acting dual signatory on fund bank accounts
  • Preparation of management company invoicing
  • Accounting services to fund management companies
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Cash flow monitoring and reconciliations
  • Preparation of group operational financial statements

Free Up Your Time

With IFINA, you can set up your own Investment Fund for less than $10,000 USD – and get tailored administration support. Just email me and we can arrange a free consultation on Skype.

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