Are You Being Honest With Yourself?

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Many traders I know aren’t honest.

Let me qualify that statement. What I really mean is that most traders aren’t honest with themselves.

Consider this example.

Recently, I had a trader on LinkedIn leave the following comment on a post:

“Any decent trader should not require outside capital. The leverage available is enormous so if you have a profitable strategy then it is quite easy to capitalise on this to scale up, generate great returns and still be able to transact the size you need in the market.”

This isn’t 100% true.

Many of our investment fund managers are traders. They trade with a substantial amount of investor capital (multi-million dollars). Why do they do this? Well, it’s really the only route to substantial wealth creation.

Now don’t get me wrong, traders can make a comfortable living trading their own capital. But there aren’t many who’ve created noticeable wealth without trading in an investment fund structure.

And that’s the critical point of this blog post. If you want to maximise the returns on your trading talent, don’t deny yourself – make sure you operate in the right environment.

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