Funds & Bitcoin: What To Expect From 2021

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As you probably know, it’s been an excellent month for Bitcoin. At the start of November, the cryptocurrency was hovering around the £14,000 USD mark. One month later, its price now stands at over $19,000 USD.

Planning for 2021

Next year is going to be one of recovery. In my view, we’ll also see investment fund managers capitalise on emerging markets and technology as the world recovers from COVID-19. 

Bitcoin – and cryptocurrencies as a whole – are certainly part of that equation.

That’s why we’re going to continue to invest in our Crypto Fund Platform. We’ve developed this solution specifically for fund managers that want to trade crypto-based assets. What’s more, we’ve made the platform accessible to all: our setup fee is just £12,000 USD.

But our investment won’t stop with our dedicated platform. We continue to nurture our relationships with financial institutions and partners that believe in the future utility of cryptocurrencies. We also continue to place our trust in CiperTrace – a cryptocurrency AML solution that can check the transaction history of Bitcoin.

Looking to start a Crypto Fund?

Do you want to create a dedicated cryptocurrency fund? There’s no time like the present to start. Drop me an email and we can arrange a Skype call to discuss your ambitions.