How To Exploit The Bitcoin Boom

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What an incredible few weeks it has been for Bitcoin. 

At the start of December, I wrote a blog post updating you on Bitcoin’s rocketing price (which was then around the £19,000 USD mark). Since that time, Bitcoin’s price has doubled again to just over $38,000 USD.

It’s a definite boom.

Needless to say, our existing Crypto Fund managers have had an exceptional year end.

Exploit The Boom

This price hike is one reason we’ve seen a flurry of enquiries for our Crypto Fund Platform in the past week.

It’s a solution specifically for fund managers that want to trade crypto-based assets like Bitcoin. What’s more, we’ve made the platform accessible to all: our setup fee is just £12,000 USD.

Start Your Crypto Fund Platform

Do you want to create your own dedicated cryptocurrency fund? Start your journey with IFINA. Drop me an email and we can arrange a Skype call to discuss your needs.