For years I’ve been informing this community about the potential of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space as a whole.

And in that regard – it feels like we’ve hit a big moment. 

Bitcoin’s price has continued its phenomenal growth since the start of December, with its price now standing at just over $48,000 USD. 

The most recent rally was fuelled by Elon Musk’s electric car firm, Tesla, which bought $1.5 billion USD worth of the coin (driving its price by approximately 7%).

The company also announced that it will accept Bitcoin as a means of payment from its customers.

Bitcoin is going nowhere

Bitcoin is here to stay – and it’s why many hedge fund managers now want a dedicated platform solution designed exclusively for cryptos.

That’s why we’ve developed the Crypto Fund Platform.

It’s a solution specifically for fund managers that want to trade crypto-based assets like Bitcoin. What’s more, we’ve made the platform accessible to all: our setup fee is just £12,000 USD.

Start Your Crypto Fund Platform

Do you want to create your own dedicated cryptocurrency fund? Start your journey with IFINA. Drop me an email and we can arrange a Skype call to discuss your needs.

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