I want to extend an invitation.

If you have an ambition to run your own investment fund – let’s take action today, real action.

We should arrange a Skype consultation. Typically, this is our first point of contact with prospective fund managers like you.

The purpose of the consultation is to learn more about you and your ambitions:

First, we’ll talk about your professional trading experience and overall career goals.

Second, we’ll discuss any prospective investors you have on board, or the existing assets under management you already have.

Third, we’ll discuss the jurisdiction and regulatory requirements for your fund.

After this discussion, I’ll advise you on whether IFINA can help you as a fund administrator.

If we can, I’ll then explain the fund setup process – which usually takes between six to eight weeks – and the associated fees.
You’ll then have an opportunity to ask me any questions.

Finally, if you like what you’ve heard, we’ll send you a fee proposal for consideration. If you’d like to arrange a Skype call, take action and email me. I’ll come right back to you.

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