This Advice Is Worth $20,250 USD

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I want to share some advice – and if you follow it, it could save you up to $20,250 USD.

Let’s get to it.

I’m going to share two scenarios with you. 

Scenario 1 describes the traditional process a typical fund manager has to follow to create an investment fund. Meanwhile, Scenario 2 outlines an alternative process – one which you could benefit from.

Scenario 1

The investment fund industry is what I like to call “old hat”. It’s dominated by large fund administrators and law firms.

Using these companies, fledgeling investment fund managers need to go through a prolonged and expensive process. 

First of all, let’s focus on cost. A large fund administrator – or law firm – typically charges $30,000 USD to simply establish a basic fund structure. What’s more, there’s still significant work that the fledgling investment fund manager has to do.

The fund manager still needs to source: 

  • A bank account
  • A broker
  • An auditing firm
  • Resources for basic administration tasks

This is all additional expense on top of the $30,000 USD outlay.

Scenario 2

This is a different process – and it’s deceptively simple:

Pay just $9,750 USD to establish your fund. You’ll also get a professional team to take care of ALL the additional tasks we’ve listed above.

This is the primary offering here at IFINA. It can save ambitious investment fund managers – just like you – over $20,000 USD.


Interested in creating your own investment fund with IFINA? Just email me and we can arrange a free Skype consultation.