Simplify The Complexity Of Fund Regulation

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Fund regulation – it’s complicated.

If you’re anything like most prospective hedge fund managers, you might think this is the major roadblock to establishing your own fund.

And you’d be right… in most cases.

But here at IFINA, we offer our clients something called regulatory hosting.

In simple terms – this allows unregulated individuals to fall under the regulatory umbrella of an existing regulated firm. As such, it’s an excellent option for first-time managers that might have limited start-up capital to hand. It’s also an option for funds looking to lean up their operational costs.

At IFINA, we have established relationships with some of the best regulatory hosting firms from across the globe. As your fund administrator, we can refer you to these firms with favourable terms.

Switch To Regulatory Hosting

Are you interested in regulatory hosting for your own fund? Just email me and we can arrange a free Skype consultation.