A Crypto Fund For Just $12K USD

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As you know, here at IFINA we offer a dedicated fund platform solution for cryptocurrencies.

It’s called the Crypto Fund Platform – and setup fees start from just $12,000 USD.

We really do believe that this is one of the most competitively priced platform solutions in the industry. So if you want to launch your own crypto fund, please do get in touch.

But with IFINA, you don’t just benefit from competitive setup fees. Here’s why the Crypto Fund Platform has proven popular:

Crypto Experience

We have over three years’ experience in setting up and administering crypto funds.

Crypto Valuation Experts

We understand the digital asset class and are experienced in the valuation process and calculating the crypto fund Net Asset Valuations.

Crypto Connections

We already have established relationships with all the major crypto exchanges and brokers.

Crypto AML

We have crypto AML and compliance software provided by CipherTrace which enables our client crypto funds to accept investors subscribing in Bitcoin.

Banking Connections

IFINA has relationships with ‘crypto-friendly’ banking institutions to accommodate investors subscribing in fiat currencies.

Regulatory Hosting

IFINA can assist managers seeking regulatory hosting to trade a crypto fund.

Do you want to launch your own crypto fund?

If you want to launch your own crypto fund, just email me. I’d be happy to talk you through how it works in further detail.