How To Deal With Anxious Investors

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The best investment fund managers have strong relationships with their investors. But these relationships require constant nurturing – and in turbulent times, even the best investors can become anxious.

If you have investors (or even money management clients), here are a few ways to effectively manage them:

Limit Your Availability

Now this might seem counterintuitive, but it’s important you limit your availability to your investors. Doing this allows you to spend the majority of your time on your most important task – executing your investment strategy. If you’re distracted by investor queries, your focus will be skewed – and it will likely impact your performance over time.

Get To The Point

The best investment fund managers just get to the point. Like all of us, your investors value their time. They’ll respect you more for communication that’s concise.

Use Conference Calls

Monthly conference calls are an efficient way of communicating with your investors and fielding their questions. It demonstrates your commitment to keeping them informed about your investment strategy and performance.

Send Monthly Email Updates

It’s a good idea to send your investors monthly updates about your performance. It’s vital to send these emails on time every month. If you’re struggling for time, you can perhaps delegate this task to a team member.

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