Give Your Trading Talent The Best Structure To Thrive

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I’ve met hundreds of talented traders over the past three decades. They all had real flair navigating the financial markets. 

Maybe you’re the same.

But you know, only a handful of these traders have scaled their trading to reach significant levels of profitability.

It’s not that these traders didn’t have the talent to do so. They were just trading in the wrong structure.

You see, many simply traded their own money. It’s a perfectly viable option. But generating real wealth using nothing but your own capital is extremely difficult. As you probably know, trading is anything but a “get rich quick” play.

Others moved into professional money management – namely by setting up a Managed Accounts programme. This is where they traded on behalf of one or two clients. It involved logging into the clients’ broker platform and placing actual trades. 

Again, this a viable path – but one with significant limitations. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to manage more than two clients with a Managed Accounts programme, considering the need to login and out of different broker accounts. Ultimately, this limits a trader’s ability to scale their profitability.

The route to true wealth lies in an Investment Fund structure – and only a small percentage of traders I know have used it. Essentially, this structure allows traders to pool the capital from multiple investors into one central place. When pooled together, this capital can help the trader generate significant returns for themselves and their clients.

With IFINA, you can set up your own Investment Fund for less than $10,000 USD. 

Don’t Waste Your Talent

With IFINA, you can set up your own Investment Fund for less than $10,000 USD. Just email me and we can arrange a free consultation on Skype.