Limitations of Traditional Fund Administrators

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Like any industry – fund administration has a few “big players”. These are established firms that have scaled to a considerable size.

But if you’re a fund manager looking for a bespoke (and most cost-effective) fund solution – these large firms will not serve you well.

In fact, these fund administration firms simply aren’t accessible to most fund managers for these two reasons:

  • These firms charge extortionate setup fees (typically starting from $30,000 USD).
  • Plus – they often reject to work with start-up traders all together.

In my view, these bigger firms are missing a trick. This is the gap IFINA fills in the fund administration space.

In terms of fund administration, we take care of everything for prospective fund managers. What’s more, we can offer an ‘all-inclusive’ investment fund solution for as little as $10,000 USD on our Cayman Platform.

There’s simply no other fund administrator that does this.

If you want to create your own investment fund, I encourage you to get in touch with me. Just email me and we can arrange a Skype call at a convenient time for you. If you want to move ahead after our call, I can send you a proposal for your consideration.