Verified Track Records in Professional Money Management

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In the realm of professional money management, there is a straightforward fact you must embrace: a verified track record of your trading performance is essential for progress. It serves as a key component that prospective investors examine when considering whether to invest in your fund or not. The more impressive your track record, the smoother the process of attracting investors and raising capital becomes.

Depending on your current position in the professional money management journey, different avenues are available to obtain a verified track record. This article aims to elucidate the various processes involved in acquiring a verified track record.

Option #1: Investment Fund Structure

For those who have established their own investment fund, verifying trading performance is relatively simple and a part of standard procedures. Regulatory requirements mandate the verification of trading performance in investment funds. Our team at IFINA calculates our clients’ fund net asset value (NAV) daily. Furthermore, our partner accounting firm, Baker Tilly (Cayman), independently audits each fund on an annual basis.

Option #2: Outside an Investment Fund Structure

If you are at the initial stages of your professional money management journey and have not yet established an investment fund, worry not. There are two additional methods for building a verified track record.

Firstly, you can opt for a trading account audit from an independent accountancy firm. The firm will assess each trade you have executed, typically over the past year, and calculate your overall profit and loss. It is worth noting that audits can be costly. However, assistance is available. If you require an audit, we would be pleased to introduce you to our partner accountancy firm, Baker Tilly (Cayman).

Alternatively, if the expense is a concern, consider connecting your primary trading account to a service like MyFXBook or SimpleTrader. These services monitor the overall performance of your trading account in a transparent manner, allowing you to showcase your verified track record without breaking the bank.

Taking the Leap to Manage Your Own Investment Fund

If you feel ready to create your own investment fund, let’s start a conversation. Please do not hesitate to reach out via email, and we can schedule a Skype call to discuss your ambitions and the next steps.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more content next week, as we continue to explore the intricacies of professional money management.