How To Simplify The Complexity Of Fund Regulation

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If you’re an aspiring hedge fund manager, you probably see dealing with regulations as a significant barrier to setting up your own fund.

In most situations, you’re spot on.

But here at IFINA, we’re offering our clients a solution called regulatory hosting.

To put it simply, this means that people who aren’t regulated can join forces with an already regulated firm, falling under their “regulatory umbrella.” It’s a great option for first-time managers who may not have a lot of money to start with, as well as for funds looking to reduce their operational expenses.

At IFINA, we’ve built strong connections with some of the top regulatory hosting firms around the world. As the administrator of your fund, we can point you in the direction of these companies and help you secure favourable terms.

Consider Switching to Regulatory Hosting

Are you keen on exploring regulatory hosting for your own fund? Just drop me an email, and we can set up a free Skype consultation to discuss your options in more detail.