Cost-Effective Fund Formation

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If you’re exploring the realm of investment funds, it’s of paramount importance to retain command of your initial financial resources. Understanding where you can economise is a crucial element of this process.

One opportunity for cost reduction often lies within your chosen legal counsel.

A significant number of our clients have initially engaged their solicitor firms for fund creation services, as numerous firms now offer this.

Yet, to the surprise of many, the costs solicitor firms attribute to the fund formation process can be eye-watering. On average, our clients have encountered fund formation quotes in the range of $30K USD – $35K USD.

Moreover, a multitude of these firms fail to provide an all-encompassing suite of fund formation services, leaving aspiring fund managers in a financial lurch and facing further expenses.

There is, however, a more effective solution. The creation of a fund doesn’t necessitate a $30K – $35K outlay.

Indeed, with IFINA, you can accomplish this feat for a fraction of the price – as low as $10K – while also having the reassurance that we have every aspect of fund administration under our purview.

How do we manage this? Unlike our contemporaries, we don’t bill for rehashing processes that already work.

Our approach is to establish a legally separate sub-fund within our existing Cayman Fund Platform. This structure gives emergent fund managers access to a cost-effective, professional fund solution.

Our fund model caters to a broad spectrum of asset classes, encompassing equities, fixed income, derivatives, foreign exchange, real estate, private equity, and venture capital.

If you are sincerely considering establishing your unique investment fund, please reach out via email. I would be thrilled to schedule a conversation to discuss your visions and plans.