Important Fund Decisions You Need To Consider

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Thinking of starting your own investment fund? In this blog post, I want to share some advice on four important decisions you’ll need to make.

Decision #1: Jurisdiction

First of all, you need to decide in which jurisdiction to establish your investment fund. Your jurisdiction needs to hold credibility with your investors and institutional partners. Here at IFINA, we recommend the Cayman Islands as a jurisdiction. If you’d like more advice about this, just get in touch.

Decision #2: Fund Administrator

The choice of Fund Administrator is also critical to your long-term success. Traditional administrators usually charge substantial setup fees, along with high running costs. The service offered by these administrators also tends to be less tailored to an individual fund. At IFINA, we offer our clients a truly bespoke service, catering to their specific operational needs.

Decision #3: Auditor

Your fund will need to be independently audited by a recognised auditing firm. Choosing the correct auditing firm can be difficult for first-time fund managers. The team at IFINA can help take care of this for you.

Decision #4: Broker & Bank

Your fund will need to use a broker and banking partner that are reputable to your investor base. Fortunately, IFINA has a network of institutional contacts – which include established brokers and banks – that can be utilised.

Ready to manage your own Investment Fund?

If you want to create your own investment fund, we should talk. Feel free to email me and we can arrange a call on Skype.