Demystifying Regulations for Prospective Fund Managers

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Understanding the regulatory landscape can be challenging and costly for many aspiring fund managers. My goal is to simplify and add value to this essential aspect of the fund management process.

The Necessity of Regulation

Firstly, if you plan to manage your own investment fund, you must be aware that investment management is a regulated activity. You will need the appropriate permissions and regulatory approvals to operate legally. The regulatory authority responsible for granting approval depends on your fund’s jurisdiction. At IFINA, most of our clients are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

If you require assistance in navigating the regulatory requirements, I am available for a Skype call to discuss your options.

Exploring Regulatory Hosting

Many of our clients explore “Regulatory Hosting” as a viable option. This solution enables unregulated individuals to operate under the regulatory umbrella of an existing regulated firm. It is particularly beneficial for first-time managers with limited startup capital or funds seeking to reduce operational costs.

At IFINA, we have cultivated strong relationships with top-notch regulatory hosting firms worldwide. As your fund administrator, we can connect you with these firms to streamline your regulatory journey.

Launching Your Fund

If you are interested in establishing your own investment fund, please reach out to me via email, and we can schedule a complimentary Skype consultation to discuss your goals and next steps.