How The Correct Fund Structure Can Help You Thrive

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This week I want to talk about your structure.

Look – you’re an ambitious and, most likely, talented trader. Otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in creating your investment fund.

But ambition and talent do have their limits.

Believe me – I’ve met many talented traders over the years. But only a handful of these traders went on to achieve special things.

The reason why is quite simple.

The majority of those talented traders were stuck in the wrong trading structure. This made it extremely difficult to scale profitability and wealth.

It’s not that these traders didn’t have the talent to do so. They were just trading in the wrong structure – whether that be trading their own money, or in a Managed Accounts programme.

The route to real wealth creation lies in an Investment Fund structure. This structure allows traders to pool the capital from multiple investors into one central place. When pooled together, this capital can help the trader generate significant returns for themselves and their clients.

With IFINA, you can set up your own Investment Fund in as little as six weeks.

Don’t Waste Your Talent

Are you interested in setting up your own Investment Fund? Just email me and we can arrange a free consultation on Skype.