Switch Fund Administrator & Make Substantial Savings

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Are you an active investment fund manager? If you’re using a traditional fund administrator firm, you could make savings on your operating costs.

It’s worth thinking about, as many investment funds use traditional administrator firms that don’t provide value for money.

Let me be specific. 

First, these traditional firms charge extortionate service fees that often don’t include important core services. Here at IFINA, we provide affordable fund platform solutions. This is the perfect structure for investment funds that want to keep their operating costs lean.

Second, traditional administrators apply charges for supporting admin tasks. This isn’t something we do at IFINA. As a client, we’re happy to provide bespoke administration services to your investment fund. We know this something our existing clients value, as many have published testimonials on our website.

If you’d like to switch administrator, just get in touch and a member of the IFINA team will be happy to help you.