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Cryptocurrencies have disrupted traditional anti-money laundering (AML) practices.

Remember – part of the appeal of cryptos is their decentralised nature. But the truth is that traditional AML regulation isn’t designed to deal with the anonymity associated with cryptos.

For these reasons, cryptos can present a heightened AML risk. But we now have a technological solution that is trusted by law enforcement agencies and financial institutions – CipherTrace. It’s an exciting innovation for crypto investors and fund managers that need to meet compliance requirements.


We utilise CipherTrace technology.

Step One

Whether you want to invest in cryptos, or run a crypto investment fund – you can now risk assess the transaction history of crypto coins.

Step Two

CipherTrace algorithms calculate risk levels based on suspicious addresses and wallets. CipherTrace also profiles hundreds of global exchanges, ATMs, mixers, money laundering systems, gambling services and known criminal addresses to score transactions and asses risk.

Step Three

CipherTrace then assigns risk levels to transactions based on activity related to suspicious addresses and wallets.

No Risk: Transactions with no apparent risk are flagged to proceed.

Low & Moderate Risk: These transactions trigger an automated deep search for compliance reporting.

High Risk: These transactions should be rejected.





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Where is Ifina based?

Ifina’s principal office is located in UK, where our specialist team handles fund formations, registrar and transfer agency services, along with treasury and banking functions for client funds.

Ifina also has offices in the British Virgin Islands and Singapore.

Is Ifina regulated?
Ifina is registered in the United Kingdom with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for anti-money laundering purposes and is a regulated fund administrator in the British Virgin Islands. Ifina administers professional and private investment funds in Malta, Cayman, Gibraltar and the BVI.
How much does it cost to start an investment fund?

Ifina can provide an ‘all-inclusive’ fund solution for less than USD $10,000.

Cayman Fund Platform: USD $9,750:
Malta Fund Platform: EUR €25,000:

How do I get started?
Simply fill in the contact form on this page with your details. Our team will then contact you within 48 hours.