Introducing our dedicated

Crypto Fund Platform

Key Information

Our Crypto Fund Platform is officially called “IFINA Crypto SPC”. It’s a registered segregated portfolio company in the Cayman Islands. In this structure, crypto fund managers can create a legally segregated sub-fund on the “IFINA Crypto SPC” platform.

Essentially, each segregated portfolio operates as a standalone crypto fund, each with its own name, offering prospectus, ISIN and Bloomberg codes, bank and broker/exchange accounts.

The “IFINA Crypto SPC” will be registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. Crypto funds on the SPC platform are professional investor funds. Every sub-fund is independently administered by IFINA.

We act as the crypto fund administrator responsible for calculating the fund’s net asset valuation, onboarding investors, conducting AML and compliance and maintaining the investor share register. In addition, each sub-fund will be audited annually by Baker Tilly (Cayman).

Why choose IFINA?

Innovation in the cryptocurrency space

Crypto Experience

We have over three years’ experience in setting up and administering crypto funds.

Valuation Experts

We understand the digital asset class and can calculate crypto fund net asset valuations.

Crypto Connections

We already have established relationships with all the major crypto exchanges and brokers.

Crypto AML

We have crypto AML and compliance software which enables our client crypto funds to accept Bitcoin.

Banking Connections

IFINA has relationships with ‘crypto-friendly’ banking institutions to accommodate investors.

Regulatory Hosting

IFINA can assist managers seeking regulatory hosting to trade a crypto fund.

Client Testimonials

Growth through trust and transparency

My long term experience of over 16 years with IFINA has been excellent. The staff are friendly, extremely helpful and always available. NAV’s are provided daily and I would argue that their offering is a world class service. Many of the larger administrators don’t even provide weekly NAV’s and have high staff turnover. They are a wonderful long term partner to have as a fund administrator.
In almost a decade of business relationship with IFINA, I have always experienced a high level of professionalism, consistency, reliability and efficiency. Not only has IFINA always kept the quality of service high, but has also shown entrepreneurial spirit by providing necessary flexibility where needed. IFINA is definitely the best fund administration company I have worked with in my career.
We consider IFINA to be an outstanding fund administrator. They’ve provided first-class fund formation and valuation services to Finanz Konzept since 2011. The whole team provides a bespoke and hands-on service. We would recommend them without hesitation.
Fiduciaria Unifida Finance SA has been a client of IFINA since 2011. The IFINA team are professional, responsive and accommodating and they provide an excellent fund formation and administration service. We highly recommend them.

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